Home News Huawei Set To Launch Mate 7S On September 2

Huawei Set To Launch Mate 7S On September 2


huawei-ascend-mate-7-11-2Chinese smartphone maker, Huawei is set to launch its flagship, Mate 7 on September 2 at IFA in Berlin. Although there are still confusion on the name of the phablet, no one is sure about what the phablet will be called (Mate 7s or Mate S). It is very glaring that is it going to be a very important phablet to the company.

Two days ago, Huawei head honcho Richard Yu started a countdown about the phablet via official Weibo account and he posted what we can only assume is the first of a series of teaser images.

We confirmed the Mate 7S will feature a five-function fingerprint scanner. All of these things will fit in its 1 square cm footprint.

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