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Huawei Partners Jumia To Launch The Huawei G Power Smartphone


Have you ever imagined a phone that can make your heart skip a beat? The feel of the phone sends the goose bumps through your skin and would blow your mind into the stars. We present to you the Huawei G Power, ingenious masterpiece that not only boasts the longest battery life of any phone in the market but is also capable of powering other devices.

huawei-g-powerThe embodiment of this present disclosure still remains classified, but techies and Huawei enthusiasts have frantically been plotting to spy on what is set to be one the biggest unveiling in Nigeria. It is still a revelation safely veiled by the masterminds of this brain child- Huawei but exclusive sales to Jumia.

Frankly, if the curves and edges of this mobile blockbuster do not sweep you off your feet, the stunningaesthetic will haveyou drooling for a feel, the camera is literarily crystal and its memory will send you to paroxysms of delight. That’s not all; its juice will keep you singing like nightingale all day as well as power other devices.

Huawei G Power is an embellishment of the 21st century and a peek into the 22nd century. Already, techies have caught the glimpse of the vision and the powering sharing formula that will solve battery problems across the African continent. Speculationsas to what exactly Huawei and Jumia are brewing are already gaining momentum in social gatherings.

Huawei G Power is currently available for preorder; customers nationwide are already breathing sighs of relief that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Walk, run or dash to Jumia and be the first to witness the birth of a phenomenon.

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