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How Your iPhone Can Help You In Medical Emergencies


One thing for sure is that no one can predict when a medical emergency can hit, right? However, you can do something to ensure that everything is curbed should a medial emergency occur. If you are an iPhone owner, then you have nothing to worry about since it is much easy to save an emergency medical situation. If you did not know that iPhones have the capacity to make save your life in an emergency situation, then you now know.

iphone_medical-appYou might be caught up in a scenario where you are totally unconscious or incapacitated to operate your iPhone. However, this does not mean that you cannot save the situation. Apple recently introduced an app meant to help people who are in emergency and desperate health situation. This app has the capacity to monitor your health and fitness. The application also has the capacity to collect and store your health information including the medical history.

The idea behind making the best use of this application is to store all the information regarding the conditions that affect you. You can list the diseases, allergies, the kind of medication you take, and most importantly the person to contact should you be caught up in a medical emergency.

Setting up your iPhone emergency medical app is very important. At this juncture, you are supposed to launch the app in your phone after which all the requested details should be fed. Upon launching this app, you will be presented with all the parts where the necessary medical data should be filled. Among the things that your iPhone medical application will demand include:

  • Birthday
  • Medical conditions (including short notes on the prevailing medical conditions in your body.
  • Allergies- The allergies section is meant to be filled with all temporary conditions that are brought about by certain triggers. This should include foods among other triggers.
  • Medication- This section should carry all the medications that you take when suffering from the health conditions you listed above. Note that this should include medications for allergic reactions that hit you at one point or the other.
  • Blood type- In this section, you are suppose to provide details regarding your blood type. It is important to ensure that the details in this section are also correct. You can also include the details of your blood donor.
  • Contact of your close confidant- This is the person who can be contacted when you are in an emergency medical situation.

Once you have confirmed that all the above details have been properly filled, you can strike ‘done’ on your application in order to save the data. It is important to note that it is possible to access the details saved in the application even if your device has been locked. When launching the application, you are supposed to enable the option of ‘show when locked’. Once opened, a medical practitioner can easily access your health information and recommend the fastest treatment. He will not have to run tests on you since all information will be presented in the app.

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