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How to Use Google Maps Offline on Your Phone


Whether it’s poor signal reception or restricted wireless plan, being able to use Google Maps offline is useful for everyone. With the combination of modern GPS and digital maps, physical maps have become the thing of the past. With the progress of technology snuffing out old cartography, it brings also the frustrations that newfangled electronics can give.

Google-Maps-Logo-offline-modeUsing Google Maps offline is useful for everyone, not just people who want to save on data. Using it offline also saves battery life as it doesn’t have to communicate with your network, loads faster since it loading off your phone and not the internet, and it also comes in handy in a pinch when you’re driving out in the middle of nowhere or have poor reception.

So let’s get started.

First of all, you’ll have to download Google Maps. This is usually on the phone by default. Although, not a requirement, you should connect to a WiFi spot, so that you can download the app and the offline map without charging it to your data plan.

After that, open up Google Maps and find where you are located. Here, we can do several different things. You can either search a specific area or city, you can simply tap your current location on the map, or tap and hold anywhere on a map until a market appears. After doing that, an address or location will pop up at the bottom of the screen. Tap that address and it should now cover the screen, and at the top right there should be a menu, usually three vertical dots. Tap on that and then tap on “save offline map.”

Another method of to save an offline map is to open Google Maps and tap on the menu button. From the menu, tap on “your places.” Once there, scroll to the bottom and you’ll see a button that says “save a new offline map.”

Now, you can save where you’re currently at or you can pan and zoom the map to get a bigger area. Once saved, the map is on your phone for thirty days unless you update it again. Keep in mind, that the maximum size for an offline map is 50km by 50km or roughly 30 square miles, so you can’t save the whole world onto your phone.

After you have your nice fancy map on your phone, you can browse that specific area without an internet connection. Saving an offline map can be useful for your own neighborhood or your daily commute to save on data charges. Now then, you must thinking what else you can exactly do with an offline map. Well, to view your saved maps simply open Google Maps, and go to the menu. From the menu, go to “your places.” From here, you can view your saved offline maps. and you can delete, update, or rename them.

There you go. Now you can save up on data charges or no longer be annoyed by cellular dead zones that you may travel through every so often. It’s like an old fashion map right in your pocket.

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