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How To Use 6-Digit Passcode to Secure Your Device on iOS 9


The first thing that any new apple device owner aims at is securing personal information. The easiest way to do so is by creating a secret passcode. However, some of the passcodes that we use are not safe at all and some people can easily forge them. The last thing you want is for someone to access your apple device simply because you have used a very weak passcode.

Sometimes back, iOS devices could only allow for 4-digit passcodes. This proved to be a little limiting to users. Not so long ago, iOS 9 introduced 6-digit codes for the respective devices. This came as a more secure way of preventing personal data in ones apple device. It goes without saying that mastering 6 digits may be next to impossible among unauthorized users. If you are still using a 4-digits passcode, then it is about time you transited to a safer side.

smartphone_evolutionSo, how do you go about activating a 6-digit code for your apple device? Follow the following steps:

#Step 1

The first step is to launch the settings app in your iOS 9device. The settings app is located in the main menu but it can also be on the desktop as a shortcut. It all depends on if you have made some customization on your iOS 9 device. The bottom line is that you should trace and launch the setting app.

#Step 2

Once you have managed to launch the setting app in your iOS 9 device, you will be presented with a list of options, all indicating different settings that can be made. In the list, you will find ‘Touch ID and Passcode’. This is the option that you should tap on to open. Under this option, you will be able to make the necessary security changes including passcodes.

#Step 3

You may be prompted to key in your current phone passcode at this juncture. If you are requested to do so, then go ahead. This is usually a security measure to ensure that the person accessing the settings is indeed valid. Ensure that the right passcode is provided.

#Step 4

After the ‘Touch ID and Passcode’ option has been opened, you will find more options on the necessary changes, one of them being ‘change passcode’. Tap on ‘change passcode’ in order to begin the changing process. You will be requested to enter your current passcode in order to facilitate the first step of changing. Make sure that the right passcode is provided since the process will not go through if wrong passcode is presented.

#Step 5

This is where you are supposed to enter a new 6-digit code. Once the current one has been entered successfully, you will be requested to enter the new one, and 6 codes are allowed. Ensure that the code is something that you can easily remember. After the first entry, you will be required to re-enter the new code again for the sake of verification. You can the save it and allow your device to be secured.

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