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How To Unlock Your Phone and Mobile Device


Mobile service providers lock their devices to ensure that the devices can only be used on their networks.  Although not very known, tablets and other wireless (mobile) devices can be locked too.

Unlock-Your-PhoneA locked phone comes with many limitations for the customers and benefits for the network provider. There are some things you need to know when it comes to unlocking a phone:

You can use your phone on any network

An unlocked phone means that it is not limited to any network or location. So when you buy a locked phone from one network, you are limited to using only that network – with unlocking you can use your phone or any other network, including the one you were previously locked to.

You can use your phone anywhere

Some networks lock their devices based on location. Networks can choose to lock their devices so they can be only used in Colorado, for example. This is a big limitation for people who travel a lot. Although not that common, still a good amount of networks lock their phones to some locations and countries. After unlocking your phone, you can use it on any possible location that has network services around the world.

Unlocking a phone is legal

After Obama signed the Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act, unlocking a phone became legal. So that means there is no risk involved and you have many choices.

You can unlock your phone from anywhere

Now that unlocking phones is legal you are left with a lot of choices. You can unlock your phone using your network provider but in most cases, if your plan is not yet finished you will have to pay a higher fee. A much easier and cheaper way of unlocking your phone is by using a third-party service. It can be a local phone store or even a secure online service, like SafeUnlockCode. Local stores need more time to unlock your phone due to other customers and other prior tasks. Online services have their advantages to local stores in that the unlocking process takes no longer then 5 minutes and you can do the unlocking from your home, your car, or from any place where you have access to the internet.

Unlocked phones are sold easier

When selling your phone, if it’s unlocked you can put a higher asking price since unlocking a phone costs some money and gives you lots of benefits. It’s very rare that a person would like to buy a locked phone since locked phones have their limitations.

Unlocked phones have better software

Some locked phones come with pre-installed apps and a lot of bloatware that you can’t even remove. Not only that they have bloatware, but they restrict you from installing certain apps. Service providers delay software updates due to risks of problems with the network’s services. After everyone gets the update, the network needs to test it and adapt the software update to their pre-installed apps and services which takes time. That’s why unlocked phones get software updates faster then locked ones.

Rooting and jailbraking is NOT unlocking

An important thing to know is that rooting or jailbreaking is not the same with unlocking. In a few words: rooting means you getting Admin rights on the OS. Jailbreaking means removing app-restrictions. Rooting or jailbreaking your phone does not make it unlocked

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