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How to Tweak your Windows 7 to Look like Windows 8


Windows 8 is like that stupid, good-looking child. You don’t like his performance in school, but you take pride in having birthed such a gorgeous face.

Windows 7 on the other end is like that brainy,little child you have. She doesn’t have the best of looks, but her brains makes for all her damages.

But what if we told you there’s a way to make that brainy, homely child attractive, such that you end up having one child that’s both adorable and smart?

window-7-look-like-window-8Well, that’s our case with the two operating systems. While we would at any time give in to Windows 7 if asked to choose between the two, we still can’t ignore the fact that it’s ugly.

As a matter of fact, that’s the predicament many Windows’ users get caught in most of the time while deciding on the best OS to install between the two. You may want Windows 8 for its looks, but wince when somebody calls it a dud.

The good news is that we got a simple solution for you. Instead of opting for a low-grade OS because of its looks, why don’t you choose the exceptional one? Then follow the steps listed below to enhance its looks.

Here we go:

For starters, it’s important to bear in mind that the changes to be made arrive in various layers–themes, fonts, color, icons, sounds, background, the logon screen, and the boot screen. In a way, the steps to be followed are more or less tantamount to the steps you once followed to make your Windows XP look a lot like Windows 7 when it was first launched.

Step one:

Download Windows 8 Transformation pack via this link. Alternatively, if you wish, you may download Windows 10 transformation pack instead of Windows 8’s. That’s if you prefer Windows 10 looks instead, which is a lot similar to Windows 8’s.

Step two:

Give the download some time to finish. Depending on your internet speed, this should take you not more than 30 minutes unless your internet speed is super-slow.

Once done, you’ll have to use a program such as Winrar or 7-zip to extract the file, as it arrives in a zip folder. Just extract it to your desktop then proceed to the next step.

Step three:

Open the file and you’ll see your window box. Let it run to initiate the upgrade.

Click on “configure.” Then let it run until your machine restarts. This should take you five minutes or so.

Now go ahead and restart your machine. Tada! Your lock screen now looks a lot like Windows 8’s. Other features including the metro touches, themes, wallpaper, logon screen, Aero’s auto colorization, and the UserTile to name a few, should be as exactly as they appear on Windows 8.

It’s important that you DO NOT go on downloading anything else other than the transformation pack, lest you end up peppering your machine with viruses. Again, Microsoft keeps on updating their transformation packs. As of now, Windows 8 transformation pack 9.1 is their latest edition. But head there a couple days from now and they would have added another option, perhaps better. Just select what’s more appealing to you then follow the above steps to go on with the upgrading.

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