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How To Import Bookmarks To Microsoft Edge Browser


It is clear that your bookmarks are very important and you will definitely require them in your new Microsoft Edge Browser. However, you will certainly require knowledge on how to import your bookmarks to the Edge Browser. This tutorial should give you all the knowledge that you need regarding safe and fast importing of bookmarks to your new browser.

Microsoft Edge BrowserOne thing that should be noted is that you will be automatically prompted to import bookmarks to edge browser. This means that you will not have to launch the process yourself. It does not matter on the kind of browser you have been using before. Edge is set in a manner that you will automatically import bookmarks to it irrespective of the sourcing side.

Below are simple steps to follow in order to ensure that you have successfully imported bookmarks to your new edge browser.

#Step 1

The very first thing you should do is to open the bookmarks folder on the browser that you have been using before. At this stage, you are granted the chance to import either all bookmarks or just a subset. If you decide to import a subset, then there is need to ensure that only your preferred bookmarks are opted for. Choosing a mass importation of bookmarks means that you will have to move both vital and mediocre ones to Microsoft Edge Browser.

#Step 2

The next step is to move your bookmarks to the designated Window 10 folder. In this case, you will have to use the ‘drag and drop’ technique. Now that you have chosen the bookmarks to import, all you need is to carry them to the folder you have chosen in your Windows 10 OS.

#Step 3

Open local disk C in your windows 10 OS. However, if your operating system is installed elsewhere other than C, then you must open the respective drive. At this stage, you are supposed to locate the name of your system in the ‘Users’ section. This is majorly the folder labeled as ‘Admin’. Open that particular folder.

#Step 4

Now that you have located the system administration point of your computer, the subsequent move is to locate the folder labeled as ‘Favorites’. In a simplified version, the path that you should follow in order to finally reach ‘Favorites should be C:\Users\Device Name\Favorites\.

#Step 5

The next step is to copy and paste the bookmarks that you selected in step 2 of this tutorial. However, like earlier stated, you can still opt to drag and drop the bookmarks selected. Whichever path that you have opted for, the bottom line is that all your preferred bookmarks are selected. Also you must ensure that the selected bookmarks are copied successfully. Hasty moves at this juncture must be avoided since it is easy to embark on a futile mission.

#Step 6

Once you have confirmed that all bookmarks have been copied successfully, you can then close the folder and resume your normal operation of your system.

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