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How to Test for Dead Pixels on Your Smartphone


Every time we shop for any gadget, we always expect to find it in a perfect working condition.  But that’s NOT always the case with some devices.

For smartphones, one common factory defect that most average users miss out all the time is the issue of dead pixels.

For those who don’t know, a dead pixel is a small dot on the LCD screen of a smartphone (mostly in black or white) that’s usually incapable of changing into three different colors—red, blue and green. And while the defect is less common in high-end smartphones, it’s more protuberant onlow budget smartphones.

How does it affect your phone?

Well, if the issue of dead pixels doesn’t bother you at all, you may skip this article for something else that strikes your fancy. But if the defect itself doesn’t sit well with you, an early detection might help you get a unit replacement depending on your dealer’s warranty terms.

The problem is that smartphones’ screen resolutions are getting incredibly higher day after day, thus making it harder to spot a dead pixel. Fortunately for every reader of this article, we will be giving a detailed step-by-step guide on how to spot dead pixels on your smartphone and fix them.

But in case your warranty is yet to expire, don’t be hesitant to go back to your dealer shop for a replacement.

How to perform the dead pixel test

Start by cleaning your phone’s screen using a soft piece of cloth to clean out all the dirt and dust particles. A simple tip would be to dip a dry piece of cotton wool into methylated spirit then squeeze it to drive the liquid out before using to wipe your phone’s display.

Once done, download and save full screen images of solid red, green, black and blue colors. You can use the images below or follow this Link to chose from the images shown.


capture9Now select each of the images, one after the other and use them as your phones background, so you can test your phone’s display against.

If you spot a white dot on any of the color, then it’s clear your phone has a dead pixel. A dead pixel should appear something like the below screenshot;


Fixing the dead pixel

If your phone’s warranty has already expired, then consider getting the dead pixel fixed.

To do this, first find a pointed, blunt object that you can use to exert pressure on a surface. This could be the rounded, narrow end of your pencil eraser, a PDA stylus or a sharpie cap. Whatever you choose, just steer clear of anything than can potentially scratch or damage your phone.

To ensure the object doesn’t scratch your phone, wrap the tip using a damp, scratch-free piece of cloth.

Next, turn the screen off and gently apply pressure on the dead spot using the wrapped tip for 5 to 10 seconds. Do it several times, while ensuring the tip only rests of the stuck pixel. Bear in mind that applying the pressure elsewhere may affect your phone’s display.

When done, run the pixel test again to check if the dead pixel is still visible. If you can still spot it, repeat the above stepsseveral times until it completely disappears.

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