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How To Capture Screenshot On All Windows PCs


Maybe you have delayed to submit some reports to your boss due to some program hitches in your computer. Imagine yourself in a situation that requires proof on what you were doing on your computer. The only way to get that proof is by taking a screenshot. If you are using a Windows computer, it is still possible to take a screenshot. Most people think that you can only take a screenshot with the help of a downloaded program. On the contrary, Windows is made in such a manner that you will not require any downloaded program to take a screenshot.

windows-computerIt will depend on the method that you consider best since there are several ways you can use. Some of the methods may prove to be complex while others are very simple. Actually, it is possible to use keyboard shortcuts to take the screenshot that you need.

Here are the main methods of taking a screenshot on any version of windows:

Taking A Full Screenshot

On your keyboard, you will find a button that is labeled ‘PrtScn’ or ‘Print Scr’. Other keyboards may present something close to the aforementioned labels. On laptop computers, pressing on ‘fn’ key first activates the button. Whichever case, the ‘print screen’ button is very important in taking screenshot on windows.

Press on the button in order to capture the entire screen. The image captured will feature dimensions that tally with your screen resolution. Once done, you will have to copy the screenshot on the clipboard. Important to note, there will be no confirmation that you have captured a screenshot upon pressing the Print Screen button.

One Window Screenshot

If you intend to take only a screenshot of a defined part of the screen, then you will have to ensure that that particular window is active. By this I means that the window should be on top of the rest.

It is important to note that you will have to use the ‘ALT’ key at this point in order to capture the specific window. Once you have clicked on the window that you intend to capture, you should the press on Alt+prt scbuttons simultaneously. Doing so will ensure that the image is copied to the clipboard. Again, this process does not provide a confirmation that a screenshot has been taken.

The next step is to ensure that your screenshot has been pasted. In order to see the screenshot, you will have to paste it first. You can use the Control+V to paste the image where you have chosen.

The Snipping Tool Method

Except windows XP, all other versions feature the snipping tool. This can be used in taking screenshots. The first step is to choose the shape of your snip. You can opt for the rectangular snip. The next step is to adjust the snip boarder to your preference. This should help you select the part that you wish to capture.

Once you are done, you can click on the ‘file’ button at the top part of the window. You will be provided with a list of options with one of them being ‘Save As’.  This is the function that is used to save the screenshot.

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