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How to store unlimited photos with Google Photos


unnamedGoogle Photos is an application that gives you unlimited storage for your photos and videos, a slick website, and automatic-upload apps for Android, iPhone, Windows, and Mac. It is the best place to save your photos.

This photo-storage service was launched in June 2015 and it was previously trapped in Google+, many people never took the app serious. It’s no longer part of Google+ and has a new interface.

You Need a Plan for Storing Your Photos
Google photos gives to similar services to Apple’s iCloud Photo Library. It gives you 5GB free storage and sn’t as convenient to use on the web or Android. Yahoo!’s Flickr is compatible, and Dropbox and Microsoft’s OneDrive also offer photo-storage features although they focus more on general file storage.

Save your photos on the safest platform, don’t just save your photos on your PC, it might crash at anytime and when that happens, you might loose some important photos. You need a backup because it’s impossible to replace them if your hardware ever fails.

You can also make use of this apps to automatically upload photos you take from your devices. Download them from Google.

For iPhone and iPad users; Install the Google Photos app. It can automatically upload photos from your camera roll, taking the place of iCloud Photo Library and saving you iCloud storage space.

For Android users; The Google Photos app allows you to set up automatic uploads of your photos. This may already be installed on your Android device.

For Windows and Mac users; Google makes a desktop photo uploader application that can automatically upload photos from your PC. It will detect digital cameras and SD cards full of photos when you connect them to your PC and can automatically upload them for you.

When uploading your photos via the web, you might want to save your photos in “high quality” unless they’re from a DSLR camera and you’re willing to pay for additional storage.

You can also upload videos to here. Videos in 1080p resolution or below can be stored for free.

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