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How To Stop Chrome From Closing Multiple Tabs


chromeIt is always annoying when your Chrome browser closes all it tabs accidentally without notification if you really want to close all tabs at once. Google recently reveals on several help threads that this is because it wants Chrome to have as little pop-ups or interruptions as necessary. But for people who just close all tabs by mistake, that explanation isn’t helpful.

Below is how you can prevent Chrome browser from closing multiple tabs:

  • Open this link in Chrome: http://www.maki-chan.de/preventclose.htm.
    This website was mentioned in a Google help thread, and was made to stop your browser from closing multple tabs. It mimics the behavior you see from a Gmail tab when an email is still sending.
  • You must open this page anytime you are making use of Chrome browser, so the best thing is for you to bookmark it or set it as your homepage which would automatically opens when you open your Chrome browser. You can do this by heading to Menu > Appearance section > Show Home button > click the Change link and set to the above website.

    If you want to make your own webpage to perform this function, insert the following line into a text document and save it as a HTML file:

    <script>window.onbeforeunload = function() { return “You are closing all tabs!”; }</script>

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