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How To Share Your Steam Gaming Library With Friends and Family


There is nothing as enticing as sharing steam games with your family and friends. After all, they also deserve he fun that you have been experiencing in your steam gaming library. The problem is that you may not be so conversant with the process of sharing steamyour gaming library with your friends and family. However, this should not come to you as a big issue since the sharing process is not as complicated as most people may perceive. It entails a very simple guide that can even be done in a matter of minutes.

Gaming_libraryThe good thing about sharing steam gaming is that all parties involved will enjoy utmost fun. It is a way of evading interruptions when enjoying your favorite game on your PC. Every person will have the privilege of streaming games to their personal computers. In order to ensure that sharing of steam games is done effectively, you might require Valve sharing application. This is considered best since it can facilitate sharing of games in up to 5 accounts.

Here are simple steps to follow in sharing your steam gaming library with your family and friends:

#Step 1:

The very first thing you should do is ensuring that steam guard security is enabled. Failure to enable this feature from the beginning can lame the process of sharing your steam gaming library. Note that this should come even before you enable the family library-sharing feature.

To ensure that the steam guard security option is enabled, you will have to open the steam settings menu. Upon reaching this point, you will have to click on the account tab and later the option of managing your account with steam guard security. It is here that you will find the enabling option.

#Step 2:

Once you are done enabling the steam guard security feature, it is now time to enable the family-sharing feature. In order to do this, you have to ensure that your account has been signed into at your friend’s computer. This means that you have to use your personal username and password when gaining access to your account in your friend’s computer. Important to remember, it is not your friend’s account that you are using but yours.

#Step 3:

The next step is to authorize the respective computer. This is simply done by opening the settings menu again. Click on the ‘family ‘ tab after which you should authorize the intended computer. At this juncture, you are given the chance to authorize any other computer that has been logged into with the same account.

#Step 4:

Now that you have managed to authorize your friends’ computers to use your steam games, it is now time to sign out and allow them to sign into their own accounts. Once they have signed into their accounts, it will be possible for them to enjoy the same games as you do. In case you want to remove one of your friends from the game sharing sphere, the process can be followed this time with an intention of deactivating his/her membership. There is an option to do just that.

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