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How To Send Google Maps Directions From Your Desktop To Your Smartphones


gmapsIt often happens that you pull up Google Maps on your desktop browser and look for directions to a place or plan a route only to realize that you should have been doing this on your Blackberry and Android device instead. With all the stress you go through, you would really want it to somehow magically appear in the Google Maps app on your phone but the search engine giant wasn’t quite big on BB and Android to desktop integration.

Google tried to resolve that by introducing the ability to send directions to your device from Search but this was still not a direct route. Then the Maps update pushed to the iOS counterpart allowed users to send already searched directions in the browser directly to their devices, something which Android users are now starting to receive.

The search engine giant has developed Google Maps update v. 9.11.0 to Android devices and if you are signed in with your Google ID then you will be able to send directions from your browser directly to your connected Android tablet or smartphone. The feature works with Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer on browsers.

Just click on “send to device” in the place card that appears when you search in Google Maps on desktop, your Android device receives a notification to either open the directions or choose to navigate to the place directly.

The new update also introduces the ability to view the Map in full screen hiding features and elements when you are looking around. Of course your Android device needs to be updated to the latest version that is 9.11.0 and for iOS devices it is 4.8.0. On the latter, you have to ensure that Google Maps can utilize the notification feature. However, the biggest downside still is that you cannot send directions to your desktop from your phone, in case you need to look at the map in a bigger screen.

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