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How To Secure Your Facebook Account From Been Hacked


facebook logoSince hacking has turned to a normal thing lately, and even more so when you consider the recent cloud hacks that occurred on celebrities’ cloud accounts. And while you may wonder why anyone would possibly want to hack your Facebook account, it is still advised that you take the necessary steps to help secure your Facebook profile.

With a number of tools available to help you strengthen your privacy, here are a few tips following that could help you secure your account:

Manage your audience

Be it Facebook, or another online forum, you ought the people who get to see your posts. By default, your posts are shared only with your friends, although users often end up changing it sooner or later.

To make alterations, open your Facebook profile and click on the Privacy Shortcuts icon present in the top-right corner of your screen. Thereafter, you could make the necessary changes, based on your liking. Use the available filters until you feel satisfied with what you’ve got.

If you wish to keep certain people off your timeline, you could hide merely everything, and all they should see would be your cover photo. You could do so for people you barely know, or someone from work with whom you possibly wouldn’t want to share much.

Block people, apps, invites, and more

There are still people out there who believe Facebook is a social network, and not a website designed to play games, or send gifts, hearts, or greeting cards via apps to your friends. And in case you happen to fall in this category, you might as well block such apps, invites, and game, although there are countless apps out there.

Go to Settings and look up the Blocking, following which you should be able to block invites for events or apps, based on your preferences. Simply block an app, let’s say Candy Crush Sage, and it should no longer be able to contact you, or get access to any of your private information.

Perhaps blocking a user is the easiest; all you need to do is press the Privacy Shortcut button on the top-right corner, and add the name of the user, or the email address, you wish to block, and you are good to go.

Create lists of your friends

First up, it is important to note that just creating a list isn’t what it’s all about as you need to adjust your notification settings as well. Thanks to these lists, you should keep your family, close friends, and acquaintances at a distance from another other.

Go to the list management page, followed by Close Friends. Once the list appears before you, click on Manage List, and then Edit List. Add anyone you feel should be a part of the list; click on their photos, or look up their names to add them.

The Edit button should be placed next to Activity, clicking on which prompts on how you wish to receive notifications off the list; you ought to choose between Facebook, and Email, or just Facebook.

Likewise, you could formulate a list for your family members, if you wish to keep them from not-viewing everything that goes on your Facebook profile. Also, a list of people who you wish to keep Restricted from your activity should further help you keep them at bay, while still being Facebook friends with them.

Manage ads

Ads play a key role in Facebook’s operations, with your browsing history, and your activity on Facebook, being used to present you with ads. Rest assured, you have to see these, so you might as well find the relevant ones.

And what’s delightful is the fact that Facebook offers you an awful lot of control when it comes to ads, offering a number of categories for you to make your pick. Head to Facebook’sAd preference page and make your pick from a host of categories.

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