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How to Reset Your Blackberry Password to Default


BlackBerry-Passport-Silver-Edition-imageAre you having problem with the password you enabled on your BlackBerry smartphone? If yes, then you need this. A password locks your entire phone, it doesn’t give you access to anything on your phone without opening it with the right password. Some things might come up where you are not with your BlackBerry, your information will be safe but if someone gains access to your phone, you may need to reset your password for security purpose. This is a precaution to take, to secure your information. Do not worry, changing your Blackberry password is relatively simple and does not involve contacting your wireless provider for assistance.

1. Locate and click the “Settings” tab on your Blackberry home screen.

2. Select the “Options” icon followed by “Security Options.”

3. Select the “Password” option located in the “Security” menu and click the “OK” key. Depending upon the model of your Blackberry phone, you may need to select “General Settings” to access the password option.

4. Scroll to the “Password” menu and press the “Menu” key on your Blackberry phone. The menu key is the button with the Blackberry symbol on it.

5. Select the “Change Password” option from the menu selection then click the “OK” key.

6. Enter your old password when prompted in the box on the screen, followed by your new password. Depending upon the model of your phone, you may need to enter the new password twice to make sure you did not omit a digit.

7. Press the “OK” key to save the new password. Return to the home screen and lock the phone by pressing the “Lock” icon located on your phone’s home screen. Enter the updated password to confirm the reset.

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