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How To Print Photos From Your Android Device Or Tablet


It is not always a great idea to keep your photos in a soft copy format. At times, it is advisable to ensure that you print them off for the sake of future memories. The problem is that most android users do not understand that it is possible for photos to be printed from the said devices. For your information, it is very possible to print your photos from your android device. In fact, the process is very easy.

The best way to ensure that you have printed photos from your android device is through Bluetooth. Well, you can still decide to print from cloud or through manual cabling. However, using Bluetooth is seen as the easiest way. In this regard, we will discuss the steps that you should follow to print photos from an android device through Bluetooth.

print_from_androidHere are the steps:

#Step 1

The first thing that you should do is to ensure that both the android device and the printer have their Bluetooth functions activated. It is important to note that communication between the two devices will be through Bluetooth hence the need to keep the function on.

You should not stop at powering Bluetooth on both devices. It is very necessary to ensure that the devices are paired. You can synchronize the two devices through the respective settings in order to ensure that pairing is done.

#Step 2

The next thing you should do is to locate the image that you intend to print. At this juncture, your focus should be on the android device that is housing the stipulated image. Most android devices store their images at the gallery hence you should find your way there.

#Step 3

Once the stipulated image has been traced, you should then long-hold it until option icons shows up. Better still, you can use the options button in order to get some of the commands that you can use. Basically, you should be guided by the kind of android mobile device that you are using. Touch on the Bluetooth sharing option in order to prompt the transfer of photos.

#Step 4

The 4th step is to select the device that you wish to share photos with. Once you have touched the share button, you will be presented with all the available devices (those that have their Bluetooth activated). You should select Bluetooth Printer at this point. This is the printer that you have paired with the android device in question.

There are cases where the printer might prompt you. If this happens, you should confirm that the image in question is approved. Confirming this should instigate the printing action.

Note: It is important to ensure that, apart from the Bluetooth settings, other settings should also be made right in the printer. This is to facilitate clean printing of images. Also, you should make the necessary edits on your photos before transferring them to your android device. This is again a great way of ensuring that your prints are clean.

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