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How to Play Retro Games on Your Modern Mac With OpenEmu


Macs are without doubt capable gaming machines today; the credit to it goes to the OpenEmu which are really killer gaming console emulators. In fact, retro games have become quite a craze since you can now enjoy in on your Mac.

macComing to OpenEmu, it is not just an emulator; instead it is like a front end for the other console emulator. Even though it’s nothing new as front end emulators have long existed in gaming consoles, but there’s something that sets OpenEmu apart. This is the main reason that it works much like the streamlined iTunes.

OpenEmu to Rescue

The OpenEmu shows you actual box art for the games and even sorts these accordingly by the platform. That’s not all, it even makes you select the playlist of your games and put them in a category. It even universalize the control scheme for every emulated system. What’s even more interesting is the fact that it does these with really easy to understand and amazing graphics. However, OpenEmu doesn’t work on computer platform and for that you need an emulator. But again, for the gaming consoles, it is really outstanding. But the biggest catch, it is Mac exclusive and not just the one working on PCs only. OpenEmu is the one that comes packed with all the things and does all the work. So, now, you don’t need to worry about anything. All you need to do is simply download the cores through single click from OpenEmu and you are good to go.

Getting started

Now, the version of OpenEmu which you really want is the Experimental one. Well, it might sound a little dangerous, but in this case it is different. It means you will have a compatibility which is really vast. Once, you are done with the download open DMG folder and drag OpenEmu to Mac apps folder. The next thing is simply going to the App store and downloading the Unarchiver.

Playing games

The next part is adding games to the OpenEmu and for that simply drag over every ROM into main window on OpenEmu interface’s right side. Then, it will search for the box art which you can also download from the search engine. First, you need to download it your desktop and then drag it into the multicolor image of the ROM, to replace it. Wondering how to get playing? Well, this isn’t difficult at all. Begin by choosing a console from OpenEmu left side and then choose the game you want to play followed by a double click. You will see that the replication standard with this emulator is simply amazing.

The control setup

Since this is all really great and amazing, why should you play it on Mac’s keyboard? Well, there are numerous compatible controllers available online that you can easily use to enjoy the game. These are all quite good. Also, if you have any USB controller you can use that too. All you need to do is simply click on Preferences and you are done. Also, to see if your controller is working perfectly, just choose up any retro games of your choice and you can then enjoy an out of the world gaming experience on your Mac.

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