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Tips in Picking the Best Android Smartphone for Your Need


best-android-phoneYou need to be picky when it comes to choosing the right android Smartphone. Well, this is because you two are going to do so many things together as taking photos, to social networking, playing games, texting and more. Along with these, you will also make phone call and so picking the right phone is important. Wondering how to pick the best android phone? Well, it is easy, here are some of the specifications that matter and some that don’t.

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Interestingly, manufacturers are constantly bringing up latest android phones, it can also overwhelming when it comes to buying a new one. Before you buy any android device, here are things you need to keep in mind.

The software version

When buying android Smartphone the first important question is which software to choose. Recently, android has been updating too frequently and so you need to be careful with your choice. In fact, they were talking about android 2.4 even before android 2.3 came out in the market. So, when you are shopping around for your Smartphone, make sure it has the latest android version. There is simply no guarantee of the latest android upgrade and so it is better if you buy the phone with the latest software.

Look for latest manufacturer interface

Presently, most manufacturers come up with their latest interface, be it Samsung Touchwiz, Motorola MotoBlur and more. While most people prefer running third party interfaces, there are others that prefer manufacturer UI. For instance, HTC Sense provides a variety of home screen widgets. Even installing third party launchers might remove some of the element of manufacturers UI, but this won’t remove all its traces. So, when you see an Android Smartphone you like, make sure to check all the apps and see how it differs from Android stock.

Quick glance at the camera

Buying android phone without a good camera is meaningless. Interestingly, most of the latest android devices come with excellent cameras. If you wish to take plenty of images in the future, camera is what you need to consider. Megapixels only tell you about the size of the images and not the quality. So, make sure you do your own research before picking up any android phone. In simple words, never pick up an 8MP camera over a 5MP camera because of the specs. Take pictures in low light to see how it works. The next come the front facing camera, if you are addicted to selfies, you simply cannot do away without it. But if you don’t need it, feel free to ignore it. There’s simply no need to gawk at the spec list with unnecessary things.

Consider the screen type

Talking about screen types of Android Smartphone, you have the options of super LCD, AMOLED and qHD. These screens are like the double edged sword that makes the phone extremely stylish. But all these drain the battery life like anything. Still, AMOLED is better than Super LCD. But don’t judge a phone based on this, there are other areas where the Super LCD outnumbers AMOLED. So, instead of sticking to the screen type, it is better that you consider and research about the battery life.

Look into the Processor and memory

Another important considering is the processor. Be it Snapdragon, Hummingbird or OMAP; make sure you choose the right one. Apart from these, at times Android includes OS updates that make the phone run faster than a phone with a fast processor. Overall, a dual core processor and high memory (at least 1GB) is good if you are into hardcore gaming or if you are running a lot of video on your device.

With that being said, these are some of the features you need to consider when buying any Android Smartphone.

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