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How to make payment with your smartphone without Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Wallet


With Samsung releasing Samsung Pay and Apple releasing Apple Pay in 2015, the concept of mobile payment is taking a whole new turn. In fact, in the near future all you will need is a Smartphone for faster checkout rather than a wallet. But even if these payment gateways, there some phones which lack the necessary NFC. But if you are facing similar issues, you don’t need to worry about upgrading your device. Here are some other payment gateways you can easily use on your device.

samsung-pay-apple-payA glance at the limitations

With mobile payment apps such as PayPal, Square Order and Level Up are limited to the place where you can actually use these. For instance, you need to check out the business in your area to see if they at all accept these apps for payments. Even though Google Wallet and Apple Pay are used widely, but you need to wait for a couple of years more till they are accepted all over. Apple brings out a list of the stores that accept payment through Apple Pay. Also, if you an Android device with NFC, you can use the Google Wallet anywhere that accepts MasterCard. Interestingly, these apps are just good enough to allow paying for a quick coffee at the local coffee shop.


PayPal is a very big and famous name associated with payments. This app is free to use for Android, iOS and Windows phone. To use the app, you need to select the merchant where you want to pay. After that, you need to use slider to check in on a business as well as authorize the payment. When you are all set to check out, tell the cashier you are paying through PayPal. After they see your profile pop up in their PayPal system they can process the payment. It is as simple as that and you don’t need to pull out your wallet for that. However, for other merchants, you can even create a pin along with a phone number for payment. In fact, there are numerous restaurants and takeaways that allow you to use PayPal for ordering food for delivery as well as pickup.

Level Up

Level Up is another app which is free to download on your iOS, Windows and Android phone. This is a popular app among restaurants and cafes. This app usually uses a QR code to initiate payments. After opening the app, you will see your own personal code being displayed. You can use the code for making purchase or paying at a store that supports payment through the app. Interestingly, if you want to make a tip, the code changes depending on how much you want to pay. Level Up even offers some loyalty programs to regular customers and has several deals and offers that you can use at the checkout.

Square Order

Square Order is one of the first payment apps that allowed making payment minus NFC. The app allows you to check into a store, buy what you want and check out with the cashier making a tap on the pop up face that appears on their Square Register App. The app shows you menu items for the businesses near your location that uses the app for accepting payments. In fact, you can check and order the items even before visiting the store, through this app and pick up the items after your visit. Now, that’s really amazing, isn’t it?

With that being said, each of these payment apps allow you to make a quick transition to making payments without using you Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Wallet.

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