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How To Make Notes On Web Pages With Microsoft Edge


It is just a good thing that Microsoft edge has taken things to a whole new level. Unlike Internet explorer, Microsoft edge allows users to make notes right in the web pages for the sake of reference in the future. This is something that is seen as a feature of convenience among users. You can actually share the notes that you have taken on your edge browser with your friends.

You will realize that Microsoft edge browser comes with a number of tools that facilitate easy and fast note taking. Basically, you will require using the markup tools on the browser to help in taking the necessary notes.

MicrosoftEdgeFollow these steps and you will be able to create notes on web pages using Microsoft edge browser:

#Step 1

First, you will have to open your Microsoft edge browser. Click on the start menu and you will be able to access the browser. It is contained in the list of programs.

#Step 2

Once you have opened Microsoft edge browser, it is now time to look for the note creation tool. On the top right-hand side, you will find an option that prompts you to ‘make a web note’. It goes without saying that you will have to click on the option in order to create the intended notes.

#Step 3

Upon opening the ‘make a web note’ option, you should be in a position to see the tab where notes should be made. In this case, the note bar will replace the web address slot. There, you can make as much notes as you can. If you your tab and toolbar are in purple of pink, then it is an indication that you are in the process of note creation in a specific page.

#Step 4

The next step is learning how to use the tools that you are provided with. Basically, you will be presented with a pen and a highlighter as the main tools. The pen is meant to generate text while the highlighter is meant for highlighting. If you intend to use the pen, then you should click on the respective icon. The same should apply if you intend to use the highlighter.

At this juncture, you are at liberty to choose from different colors of writing. All you need is to use the respective icons in order to change colors to your specification.

If you wish to get rid of some text, all your need is to use the erasing tool. The tool bar features the respective tool hence you should only click on it for activation. Once done, you should then click on the pen again in order to resume normal typing.

#Step 5

It is only obvious that you cannot create notes and fail to save. Clicking on the ‘exit’ button means that you have lost all the created notes. In this regard, you should make sure that the ‘save’ button is used before the ‘exit’ one. You will be prompted to choose the ideal location for the notes.

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