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How to Lock individual Apps on a Jailbroken iPhone using iAppLock


You can easily set a passcode on your iPhone or iPad to improve on its security. But in situations where the apps are already unlocked, this feature can be meaningless if your friend or an invasive member of your family decides to snoop around your message history or ends up monkeying around with your continuing Candy Crush Saga.

Photo credit: idroid.us
Photo credit: idroid.us

The good news is that there are chains of jailbreak tweaks released in the recent past that can somehow protect any kind of app you have on your iOS device. A case in point is iAppLock, which to say the least stands as the best candidate in the list.

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Unlike other tweaks that can only be configured via the settings menu, iAppLock is an independent application that arrives with its own Home Screen icon. If you do not like seeing jailbreak-related icons in the plain sight of your iPhone, you can have it placed in a folder. It goes without saying the app itself has a simple, user-friendly interface that blends in flawlessly with iOS 7 and 8 designs.

Using iAppLock to Lock Apps

Usually, when you launch any app on your iPhone, it commences with the initial configuration. It then goes on to ask you to set up a pattern lock or PIN and a recovery email as well—to retrieve your codes in case you fail to remember the combination. Then lastly, you’ll have to activate the app by turning on the Lock Status before navigating to the applications tab to add the individual apps you’d like to lock down.

There’s a plus sign on the protect tab that lets you tap to select third-party apps that you intend to password protect. The only snag is that you’re limited to five apps, after which you’ll have to upgrade it to the paid version to override. Although you can use the app to place a password on whichever app you prefer, it’s important you use it to protect your messages, mails, and social sites.

Any time someone attempts to open an app you’ve protected with iAppLock, a password prompt will pop up preventing the person from accessing the app until the right passcode is entered. Again, iAppLock comes with its own passcode, so no one can actually find their way into the tweak to disable it.

Another setback is that the app doesn’t support alphanumeric passcodes. We only hope the future update will have the problem ironed out. In addition, there should be a passcode support for folders.

The setting is well-equipped with a number of configuring options, including a tardy lock setting which lets you access a protected app, without necessarily entering a passcode, for a short period of time after opening it. For instance, if you enter a passcode to access Gmail, all the other passcode protected apps will be accessible for a preset length of delay you chose.

The tardy lock comes in various lengths–five, Ten, Twenty and thirty minutes. The app also features menu items that you can use to change your passcode or retrieve it via an authenticated email in case you forget.

Closing the list is the tab that lets you send your feedback to the app’s developers—The ThinkYeah Studio. There’s also a defunct link that lets you upgrade to the unreleased pro-version iAppLock, which is currently still a work-in-progress.

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