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How to Install and Use Android Pay


There are lot of of fantastic apps on Android but Android Pay remain the best of all. It is far better than Google Wallet, Android Pay is actually a Google-Wallet compatible API that lets developers build a streamlined and trusted payment system directly into their app. This app has really made paying for goods very easy

Android Pay is a app deal lovers will absolutely love. With select retailers, your loyalty programs and special offers will be automatically applied at checkout.

Another cool thing is that Android M has the ability for developers to build Android Pay directly into their app, allowing developers to build a native store directly into the experience for Android users.

Below is how you can easily make use of Android Pay:

Step 1
From the home screen, tap the Wish app icon, one of the only apps to initially support Android Pay.


Step 2

The app will open and you’ll notice the active tab is “Google I/O”; this is a special tab created especially for this custom Android Pay experience. All Android developers will have access to creating these same type of instances.


Step 3

This live demo allows us to purchase two different items which are Android Mini Collectible and Android T-Shirt

I went ahead and decided to buy the Android Mini Collectible, hoping to get lucky and open the box to find one of the rare versions that are selling for hundreds on eBay (and no, I wouldn’t sell it).


Step 4

The beautifully material designed product page has a clean “BUY” button in the bottom right that we go ahead and tap.


Step 5

And now we’ve got our checkout options including a “Buy with pay” button. This would look magical to you.


Step 6

Even though you’ve never used this app before, your credit card details would automagically be selected from our Android Pay profile to simply select the proper card/address and continue on.


One last chance to make sure we’ve got all the purchase details correct, tap to place order, and we’re done. Android Pay makes purchases easy from the vehry first time regardless of hyour location.


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