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How To Improve Wireless Internet Connection on Your Smart TV


It feels great to surf the Internet using a smart TV. Technology has gone far to a point of introducing televisions sets that work more like computers. It is about time you got yourself one of the latest smart TVs in the market. The problem is that you may face challenges when it comes to accessing wireless Internet using your Smart TV. This tutorial will help you learn some of the strategies that can work well in ending common issues regarding wireless Internet connection on your smart TV.


In most cases, problems in connecting to wireless Internet in a smart TV emanates from faults in the router. However the television set itself and the connection path may also have a hand in poor reception.

smart_tv_internet_connectionHere are some of the things you can do to ensure that Internet connection in your smart TV is strong and flawless:

Move TV Set Closer To The Router

One of the easiest ways of ensuring that wireless Internet connects well on your smart TV is by moving the Internet source closer. In this case, you can do it in two different ways. You can either move the television closer to the router or the router closer to the television. This works by drawing the Internet signal from the router closer to the receiver of your smart TV. Whichever way you opt for, it is absolutely necessary to ensure that the Internet signal does not cover a long distance before hitting the receiving end.

Get Rid of Obstructions

It should be noted that internet signals are usually delayed by obstacles along the transmission path. In this regard, you must get rid of all obstructions in order to ensure that your smart TV gets the best signal. The transmission path must be very clear. Neither the smart TV nor the router should be hidden or covered. If either of them is covered, then you might end up delaying the signal badly.

Move The Antennae

It is important to remember that both the smart TV and the router have antennae. The antennae play a great role of ensuring that signal in the sending and receiving ends is transmitted in the best way. However, in order for an antenna to transmit signal well, it must be positioned rightly. It would be best to ensure that the router’s antenna faces towards the television. The antenna on the television should face towards the router. This makes it possible for a flawless signal to be transmitted.

Elevate Radio Power

You will realize that most routers come with a function that allows you to boost the signal strength. If your router has such a function, then you should utilize it to ensure that your smart TV receives the best. If you are using your wireless internet on a number of devices, then slow response may be seen in your smart TV. In such a case, you should definitely opt to increase the radio power of your router.

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