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How to Get Cortana on your Android Device


cortanaWindows 10 brought Microsoft’s Cortana, a digital assistant to your PC. Microsoft has now opened up the Beta version of Cortana for Android to all devices on the platform, Android users with a fondness for the Halo-inspired personal assistant can bring it with them wherever they are.

You can set Cortana as your default search engine on your Android device instead of the popular search engine Google Now’s search. You can change the search engine by swiping up from the bottom of a screen. Don’t say “Hey Cortana” to your device because it won’t do anything. If you want Microsoft Cortana on your device, below are the simple steps to get it.

1. Sign into your Google account on your Android device and tap on “Become a Beta Tester” to enroll.


2. Select “download it on Google Play.”


3. Tap on the Play Store icon.


4. Select Just Once or Always depending on how you want to open Play Store links, both will work for this instance.


5. Select Install.


6. Select Open.


7. Select Next.


8. Tap I Agree to get on board with Cortana accessing your data.


9. Select Next.


10. Type your name into the prompt and tap enter, or, if you’d rather Cortana not call you by your name, you can select Skip.


11. Tap and hold on the home button and swipe up to set Cortana as the default search assistant.


12. Tap Cortana in the app selector window.


13. Select Always to set it as the default assistant.


Now Cortana will always be there for you when you swipe up.


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