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How To Get An Edge Experience In Firefox


To the Mozilla Firefox fraternity, it is absolute selfishness for Windows 10 to feature Edge as the default browser. If you recently upgraded to Windows 10, you must have noticed that Edge is the ruling browser there. This means that most people have no choice other than make use of the default browser even if your previous experience is based on other browsers. Most Firefox users consider this as total inconvenience. Well, edge is not that bad. However, if you are used to another browser, it may feel discomforting to use edge.

mozilla-firefox-40-windows-10-EDGEThe interesting thing is that you can still enjoy Edge experience right from your Mozilla Firefox browser. How is this possible? It is possible through the kind of features that both browsers feature. It is possible to blend the features and eventually enjoy what Edge browser users do.

Among the things you can do in this regard include:

Drawing On Web Pages

One of the things that edge browser users enjoy is drawing on web pages. However, Mozilla Firefox users can still enjoy this feature. How is this possible? It is possible in the sense that you can install an add-on.

In this case, you can consider Web Paint. This is an add-on that can facilitate drawing on your web pages. The best thing is that the add-on is also available for chrome browser. Upon installing the add-on, you will find a small paint pallet icon at the topside of the browser. This is the feature that you should use to make the necessary drawing. Under the icon you will find all the sub-features that will aid in the drawing process.

Boost Speed

The truth is that Edge browser has more speed of operation as compared to others. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why it was selected as a default browser for Windows 10. Well, this should not worry you much though. If you do not wish to use Edge on your PC, you can still use a speed-boosted Mozilla Firefox.

Just like in the case of drawing web pages, you can get the necessary add-ons to ensure that your Mozilla is boosted in terms of speed. Among the speed improvement add-ons for Mozilla include Fasterfox and Betterfox. With the add-ons, your Firefox will perform incredibly well even if your Internet speed is not the best.

Reading View

Image view on Mozilla may not be the best as it would be on Edge. However, there is a way in which you can enjoy the best reading view on the same browser. The best thing about Firefox is that it comes with a native Full-Screen Reader that facilitates best view. If your aim is to enjoy the kind of view that Edge Browser users have, then you should utilize the aforementioned feature in Mozilla. All you need is to click on ‘enable reading view’ and you will be ready to have the experience of Edge Browser.

From the above, it is pretty clear that there are so many things that you can do right from your Mozilla Firefox and still have the Edge browser experience.

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