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How To Force Start Downloading of Windows 10 Update Files


The long awaited advent of the mighty Windows 10 is drawing closer and closer. Only a few days remaining to the grand launch of this great Operating System. Of course, you should expect a lot from this package and this is one of the reasons you should be planning to transit from your old version.

windows_10_downloadNow, did you know that it is possible to force download of Windows 10 updates even when you are denied access. This tutorial will provide you with comprehensive guidelines on how to go about the aforementioned process:

#Step 1

The first step is to move to local disk C of your computer. This is the location that carries all the program files. Upon reaching your local disk C, click on software distribution and then download.

Step 2

Once you are done with this, you should then strike the windows key in order to launch Windows updates. Type ‘windows update’ and then click on it as a way of launching the Windows Updates. This is a very friendly shortcut since all you will require is typing out ‘Windows Updates’ and your search with be traced.

#Step 3

The next step is to open a command prompt on your computer. All you need is to strike the Windows Key and type ‘cmd’ to launch the command prompt. However, it should be noted that you are not supposed to hit the ENTER key after you have typed out ‘cmd’. Instead, you are supposed to right-click on the Command Prompt and opt for ‘run as administrator’.

#Step 4

At this juncture, you should type ‘wuauclt.exe /updatenow’. Remember that you are still not supposed to strike the ENTER key yet. If you must know, the characters that you have typed out constitute the command to force Windows to check for updates.

#Step 5

Go back to your Windows Update window and click on ‘check for updates’. This is a way of testing if your command has been activated in your computer. However, you must wait for your computer to check for updates. On the left-hand side, you will find a notification saying ‘checking for updates…’ it might take a few minutes for your computer to check updates. A track-bar will be launched on the screen showing the gradual progress of checking updates.

#Step 6

As the updates-checking process takes course, you should go back to the command prompt that you had earlier typed out. It is at this juncture that you are supposed to strike the ENTER key in order to validate the command. At this point, you will have forced your computer to download Windows 10 updates.

#Step 7

Once you have finally validated the command in the prompt, you will see the windows update section indicating that Windows 10 is now downloading. This means that you have successfully managed to force the download. One other important thing is to ensure that you have backed up everything prior to installation.

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