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How To ‘Hard Reset’ Your Apple Watch


Though rarely, there are cases when your Apple watch might misbehave. In such instances, the general operation of the watch becomes hectic and stressful. In other words, the may not serve you well when in such a mess. It is at this juncture that you should figure out on what to do in order to restore the normal functionality of your Apple watch.

You might realize that the activity application of your Apple watch is not functioning, as it should. There are cases where the activity app may track steps and not distance. The vise versa may also happen. General sensors in the watch may not be in total coordination hence limiting its purpose.

apple-iwatch-mytechportal.com-01The only way you can evade the chain of issues in your Apple watch is to Hard Reset. You might wonder what ‘Hard Reset’ means, right. It is more like a forceful way of resetting your Apple watch. It is not in any way harmful to your Apple watch, rather it aids in bringing to rest the misbehavior of the same.

The best thing about ‘Hard Resetting’ of an Apple watch is that you do not necessarily need the help of a technician. The process requires easy actions that can be executed by literally any person. Here are simple steps you should follow to ‘Hard Reset’ your Apple watch:

#Step 1

Hold your apple watch in such a manner that your fingers can easily access the digital crown as well as the side buttons. It is important to understand that both the digital crown and side buttons are squarely involved in ‘Hard Resetting’ of an Apple Watch. Make sure that your hand holds your Apple watch very firmly in readiness for the next action.

#Step 2

This is definitely the most important step in ‘Hard resetting’ an Apple watch. Note that your hand should be firmly on the watch with your fingers on the side buttons and the digital crown. Using both fingers, press the buttons simultaneously and hold on. It is important to ensure that the pressing action runs for at least 10 seconds before you release. Make sure that the screen of your Apple watch has turned off before you release the buttons.

#Step 3

This is the final step of ‘Hard Resetting’ your Apple watch. At this juncture, you do not have to do much other than allow your Watch to reboot. The process does not have to be prompted by you since everything is automatic. Once the watch has rebooted, you can check if its functionality has been restored. High chances are that it will be fully restored.

It is important to note that ‘Hard Resetting’ your Apple watch does not put to risk your personal data. This means that you have absolutely nothing to worry about with regard to your data. However, it is advised that you avoid ‘Hard Resetting’ even when there is no any alarming misbehavior. This is because, if overdone, ‘Hard Resetting’ may eventually amount to serious effects on your watch.

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