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Ways to Find and Locate Product key for Windows 8


Unlike in windows 7 and the earlier Windows releases by Microsoft, Windows 8.0 and 8.1 PC versions no longer come with the Certificate of Authenticity (CoA) printed on them or stuck at the back of your PC. This does not mean the key is no longer needed in installing Windows 8.

windows_8According to Microsoft, the intention is to reduce key-theft by third-parties who opt to use installation keys they don’t purchase. In this article, we detail the process to get you there! We’ll help you get your lost keys or trace keys for pre-installed Windows 8 Pc versions. Fast-track your UEFI firmware. For PCs that come with Windows 8.0, 8.1 or the RT versions pre-installed, you might require to trace the key before wiping the installer (boot) recovery disk.

At norm, the key is encrypted on the UEFI firmware. However, you have to note that this route only works if you’re installing the same version of Windows 8. It doesn’t work for other versions, upgrade or downgraded Windows 8 versions.Windows 8 product key registry Whenever a Windows product is installed on a PC, the OS creates a registry where all the Microsoft product keys are stored.

Accessing the store allows you access lost keys for the specific windows. This can at norm be done through the Run option (accessible through Win+R), enter Regedit then select the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion. Here, you’ll get a list of all product keys archived in the registry. To view the product key specific to your windows, right-click the Product lD and select modify to view. Third-party product key finders. There are numerous companies dedicated to unearthing lost keys installed on different operating systems. Such third-party software include:

The Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder and the iSunshare Product Key Finder. These programs have search options that allow you recover lost keys for your Windows 8 product. You should note that all keys related to Microsoft products installed in your machine will be presented; and only have to select the Windows 8 key.

Email correspondence If you purchase a genuine Windows 8 key from Microsoft or its authorized dealerships, you often get email correspondence. The email correspondence from Microsoft often contains the product key and its installation procedures. As such, depending on your purchase option used, refer to your last correspondence with your seller or retailing reseller from which you bought your Windows 8.

Original Windows 8 enclosure boxGenuine Windows 8 comes enclosed in an originality retail box. However, you’ve got to note that things have changed. The key has often been stack on the box. However, in Windows 8, the key is written on a card that comes packed with the box. On finding the key, remember to keep it safe and possibly record it on a separate and more secure place. Further, remember the key is your unique identity of authenticity with Microsoft to use Windows 8. As such, any later installations and upgrades to your current Windows will require the key.

This way, you’ll always have safety at your fingertips! Your Windows 8 product keys will magically return to full usefulness.Hope this article was useful. Please rate the usability and usefulness of the article in recovering your lost keys.

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