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How To Encrypt Your Text Messages


Some may wonder why it is necessary to encrypt text messages in their phones. Well, if you must know, encrypting text messages goes a long way in ensuring and upholding utmost privacy. It is pretty obvious that text messages are meant to be personal and they must remain as such. To avoid any breach of privacy, you should consider message encryption.

To be precise, message encrypting is the science behind conversion of text characters into codes. This means that any person who intends to hack into your phone will not have the privilege of reading anything. It is only the owner of the phone that will have access to the text messages.

encrypted_text_messagesTo facilitate text messages encryption, you will require particular tools in that divide. Here are the main message encryption tools and how they should be used for the stipulated purpose.


This is an encryption tool that is meant for apple gadgets. If yours falls in that category, then you can activate the application and use it to protect your text messages. To ensure that everything works as it should, you will have to install the application in your device. Secondly, you will have to ensure that the application is activated. Any time that a person tries to access the messages, he/she will be presented with codes hence rendering everything illegible.


Well, android users are also privileged to have a tool that can be used for text message encryption purposes. Again, you will have to get this application for your phone first and then activate it. The best thing about this tool is that both the privacy of your calls and messages is observed. The main function of this tool is to transform what is supposed to be a normal sms into raw data. This means that you will have prevented any unwarranted visitor from reading your messages. Once the app has been installed in your phone, it will be ready to function.

It is very important to ensure that the said application is installed in the right way. This is because wrong installation may render the application ineffective. Make sure that all the requested data is presented as it should and all settings are made equally.


A while ago, quite a large number of people ditched their iPhones and opted for Samsung Galaxy phones. If that is the case with you, then you might want a text message encryption tool that works for Samsung Galaxy phone. Knox is the ideal tool for the said devices. To be particular, the tool is fully compatible with most android devices.

Just like other tools of the same caliber, Knox only requires simple setup and activation for it to work just fine. The unique thing about Knox is that text message protection is by physical cryptography chip. This makes it more sophisticated than others out there. Protection in this case is between two devices that are running Knox. As soon as activation is done, the app will be ready to bar any possible access to your text messages by other people.

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