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How to Enable & Use Trackpad Gestures Control on Macbook


Apple updated Boot Camp app to bring support for Windows 10 officially. We have seen different ways to install and use Windows 10 on your Macs but it’s always good to get official support, there is not like original. With this latest support, more OS X users should be able to download and install Windows 10 on their MacBook. Once you are on Windows 10, it would be one awesome treat to get gesture support in Windows that Microsoft offered for devices with Precision Keyboards. Here is how you can bring trackpad gestures in Windows 10 on Mac.


You can get some free third-party apps to enable gesture controls in Windows 10 on Mac. Trackpad++ along with Power Plan System (only required for 64-bit systems) help bring gesture support in Windows enabling your trackpad with more controls. While Trackpad++ is the app actually that will actually get it the task done. ower Plan Assistant essentially helps it install, overriding Microsoft’s digital signature enforcement policy. Following is the guide to enable gesture controls in Windows 10 on Mac.

Required files: Download Power Plan Assistant and Trackpad++

Double click on Trackpad++ to install the app.
You will receive a warning; click on More Info and check on I understand the risk… and click on Run Anyway.
Follow the on-screen instructions and allow the app to override Microsoft’s digital enforcement policy.
Drivers will install now, after which you will be asked to agree to Boot Camp modifications.
Reboot your Mac.
Next, double-click on Trackpad++ again followed by clicking on the More Info > Run Anyway.
Begin installation > finish it and click Yes to install the drivers.
On the next screen, click on Install this driver software anyway.
Click on OK when completed.

You will now notice Trackpad++ in the lower-right corner of your task bar. Double-click it to configure the features that you want to try.

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