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How to enable ‘Hey Cortana’ voice commands on Windows 10


hi-cortana-100263863-galleryOne of the best feature of Windows 10 is its deep integration with Cortana. Incase you don’t know Cortana, Cortana is a Microsoft’s helpful digital assistant. To really make Cortana work for you, however, it helps to have the voice activation feature up and running. It makes your file search, weather check, or command to open an app with just a “Hey, Cortana” away.

To get started, click on the Cortana icon/search box in the taskbar. Then click the notebook icon in Cortana’s left-hand navigation panel—it’s right under the home icon. If you haven’t activated Cortana yet, you’ll have to follow the steps that appear to turn it on before you’ll see the standard Cortana interface.


On the notebook screen, tap Settings, then in the Settings panel, turn the slider to On under the “Hey Cortana” heading. Once you’ve done that a new option will appear called “Respond best.”

Here you have the option to allow Cortana to respond to anyone or only your voice. If you choose the latter by clicking Learn my voice, Cortana will ask you to repeat six different sentences to get your voice pattern down.

That’s all you need to get Cortana’s voice activation. You need an active microphone to use this feature, whether it’s integrated into your laptop or an external third-party peripheral.

Depending on your hardware, Windows could warn you that your microphone may not work and that Cortana “might not be able to hear you clearly.” Sometimes, however, the microphone will work regardless of the warning it has given you.

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