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How To Activate Cortana On Your Mac


Are you planning to get Cortana on your mac? The truth is that installing Cortana in your Mac is something very wise to do. Why? The tool will help you greatly in searching for important things such as track packages, files, and calendar among others. In other words, Cortana will assume the role of a virtual personal assistant. This is one of the programs that you must get for your mac since it will go a long way in making your work much easier.

For sometime now, it was only thought that Cortana could only work well in Windows versions. On the contrary, Mac OS can also support the same program. Now the big question is how possible it is to install and activate the program in your Mac OS.

Currently, there is a much easier way to get Cortana right in your Mac. The use of Parallels is considered not only convenient but very easy as well.

How To Activate Cortana On Your MacTo be precise, Parallels is more like a program that is designed to enable mac users to run both Windows and OS X apps. This is considered to be not only easy but very convenient for the user as well.

The primary thing that will be needed in this process is either a paid or trial version of Parallels. Also, you need to make sure that the Parallels version you have chosen is up to date. Order versions of the same may not work well in getting Cortana on your Mac.

Another main requirement in this process is OS X Lion and a spacious RAM. The disk of your computer should have a reserved space of at least 20GB. With the said requirements, you will be all set to get Cortana on your Mac.

#Step 1:

First, you will need to install Parallels in your computer. Remember that this is the best medium of accessing Cortana. Make sure that the installation process of this program is done as it should to ensure that Cortana is accessed flawlessly.

#Step 2

Once the activation of Parallels has been done, you should then proceed to scrutinize the features that the program comes with. One of the features that this program features is Coherence. This is the main feature responsible for activation and opening of Cortana in your Mac.

To access the feature, you can simply use the keyboard shortcut Control+Command+C. Better still, you can go directly to your Parallels and open the feature directly from there. It is important to note that activation of Cortana is done as soon as Parallels is installed.

#Step 3

The other step is to ensure that the HiCortana command is activated in your computer. This is more like a synchronization feature between Parallels and Cortana. It is the feature that ensures that Cortana is listening in and it is ready to offer you the assistance that you require. The good thing is that once this feature has been activated, you can simply say ‘Hi Cortana+ the command’ and everything will be retrieved.

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