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How to enable and activate ‘Nightstand Mode’ on Apple Watch


nightstandmodeAfter it has been delayed. Apple released Watch OS 2 for one of the company’s flagship, the Apple Watch. The updates brings native apps from third-party developers which are faster and more reliable than previous apps on the watch. The update also gives you the access to set custom watch faces using any photo you wish to use, draw with multiple colors using Digital Touch and use your Apple Watch as an alarm clock with a new Nightstand Mode.

If you want to use the new feature, you’ll need to activate it. There are two methods for doing so, one on your iPhone, the other on the watch itself.

To do this on your iPhone, Launch the Watch app, then tap General.
Scroll down, then slide the switch next to Nightstand Mode to the On potion.

To do this on the Apple Watch, Launch the Settings app, then tap General. Scroll down, tap Nightstand Mode and slide the switch to the On position.

Moving forward, you simply need to place your Apple Watch on its side while connected to a charger for Nightstand Mode to be activated.

Your watch will display the current time, date, next alarm, and battery percentage. Tap the screen, or press either of the physical buttons on the watch in order to display the current time after the screen turns off. Shortly before your alarm goes off, Nightstand Mode will slowly brighten the display on the watch until your alarm goes off. Once it does, you can use either the digital crown or the side button to quiet or snooze the alarm.

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