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How to easily Transfer Files from Your Android Device to Mac


Android-Mac-664x374If you are a Mac user but you are still an Android holdout, you can manage your device’s storage using an app called Android File Transfer. It is not like Windows whee you will just plug your phone and access your files. To do so on Mac, you need to install an application.

Android File Transfer is the best way to transfer files from your Android device to your Mac and vice-versa.


If you have a file like picture or music that you want to copy from your Mac to your phone, you can just make use of Android File Transfer and do it in few minutes with the use of the staid USB transfer method.

Be very sure that your phone is well configured before you begin using Android File Transfer. First tap open the “Storage” settings, then from the upper-right corner open “USB computer connection”.


Make sure your device is configured as a “media device (MTP)” and you should be good to go.


Don’t try to start Android File Transfer without your Android phone or tablet plugged into your Mac. If you do so, you will receive the following message.


If your phone is locked, you will need to first unlock it and then restart Android File Transfer before you can access its files and folders.


Using Android File Transfer isn’t likely to throw you off too much. You’ll be presented with a pretty typical file/folder view, which will be your device’s SD storage.

With this, you will be able to perform the usual file/folder operations like copy, move, and delete.


It is not advisable to delete something with this app because it is permanent, meaning that it doesn’t first go to the Trash. Luckily a warning dialogue will appear before you can finish the operation.


You can also create new folders such as if you have a bunch of files that need their own special place. Use “Cmd + Shift + N” or click the new folder icon in the upper-right corner.

Android File Transfer is not only a good app you can use to access your files and folder easily, but you can easily use it to clean up your phone. If you have loads of photos that you need to delete, you can easily make use of the app to get them deleted by tapping them all one by one.

We kindly recommend you give Android File Transfer a try if you want to interface with your Android device in a manner much similar to how you would on Windows. You’ll likely find it much more time-efficient and you can make sure everything on your device is organized the way you want.


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