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How to Block Facebook Messenger Location Tracking on iPhone


The fact that Facebook forced all it mobile users to use their messenger App for messaging is something that need pays more attention to most especially when it comes to privacy and security issue which user placed and demand as priority from Facebook.

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Do you use an iPhone or any Apple’s devices running iOS and intend to disabled Facebook messenger fro tracking your location? In this article i will revealed step by step procedure to achieved that.

facebook-messenger-location trackingFacebook uses this location tracking for advert optimization but more importantly is knowing that your tracking information can be used by any of your friend easily and i bet you likely not like that. Actually, there is a chrome extension which can easily allow someone to use any of their circle’s location information for any reason which puts your security on stake.

Many users are seriously in need of such trick that will help them stop Facebook Messenger Location tracking on their device. Since, the tracking feature is stick with Facebook’s messenger app which most of the users are running on their iPhone.

Steps by Step procedures

Follow the steps and procedures below to disabled Facebook Messenger Location Tracking on iPhone.

  • Navigate and scroll down to Settings on your iPhone.
  • Hit on Privacy tab from Settings.
  • Click on Location Services.
  • Afterwards, you’ll have different options, you need to tap on Messenger.
  • Now, switch Messenger to Never.
  • This was it, your work is done now the rest will be done by your iPhone. It will not allow Messenger to track your location anymore.

And that is that, as simple and straight forward. Feel free to express your opinion via the comment box below.

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