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How to Disable Wi-Fi password sharing in Windows 10


Any person who is not familiar with windows 10 may think that it is the worst OS there is simply because it shares your Wi-Fi password. Well, it goes without saying that you pay a hefty penny for your broadband services and the last thing you would want is someone to use it without your consent. Before you back out, it is important to note that there is a way you can disable password sharing for your Wi-Fi on Windows 10. This is good news, right?

wifi_password_sharing-Windows_10Now, disabling your Wi-Fi password sharing involves change in settings and nothing more. There is nothing like software installation, as most people may perceive. All you need is to search for the respective settings and deactivate the Wi-Fi password sharing.

Below are the key steps that you should follow in order to deactivate Wi-Fi password sharing function:

#Step 1

First, you need to open the start menu of your Windows 10 computer. The start menu is located at the lower left hand side corner. Once you direct your arrow there, an icon will show up. Click on it in order to generate the start menu.

#Step 2

The second step is to search for the settings of your PC. Depending on the kind of customization featured by your PC, it is possible for ‘settings’ location to vary. However, the bottom line is that settings are located at the start menu. Once you have traced the settings, click on it to open.

#Step 3

Upon clicking on the settings icon, you will be led further to other options. Among the options include ‘Network & Internet. This is the option where you will find different settings with regard to Internet and other networks. Opening this option will lead you to a different menu where you will be able to access the preferred network.

#Step 4

The next step is to locate the Wi-Fi settings. This is contained under ‘network & internet’. Search for ‘manage Wi-Fi’ settings. This is the exact part where you will find all the respective settings with regard to Wi-Fi. Upon opening the options, you will be presented with different activation buttons.

#Step 5

You should search for all buttons that you would want to deactivate. However, the first thing that you should do is to sign out all accounts that were activated in the past. That way, any person who is currently sharing your password will no longer access it.

The next thing should powering off the respective button. The specific button at this point is ‘connect to networks shared by my contacts’. If the button is on the right-hand side, then you should move it to the left in order to switch it off.

Note: It would be a great idea to change the password that you have been using before. It would be totally useless to deactivate the password sharing function and still remain with the old one. Changing the password will ensure that no other party accesses your Internet without first consulting you.

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