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How To Disable Web Search in Windows 10


windows-10-microsoftIf you are using the new Windows 10 features, and most especially the Cortana (A voice-activated artificially intelligent personal assistant with an only slightly off-putting robot voice), your searches are automatically sent through Microsot’s Bing search engine whether you’re searching for an online news article or a file on your PC.

It is not really cool, especially if you don’t want Microsoft potentially spying on your personal, PC-specific search terms.

If you want to make use of Cortana, you will need to leave this setting turned on. But if you only want to be able to search your computer for files, apps and settings, you can turn this feature off. Below is how you can get it done:

1. Open the Search menu by clicking the search icon or the search textbox on your taskbar.

2. Turn off Cortana. Click the notebook icon, click Settings, and then switch the Cortana toggle to Off.
3. Turn off search’s Web results feature. Click the Settings icon and find Search online and include web results and switch the toggle to Off.
Next time when you open the search menu, you will see a message saying Start typing to search for apps, files, and settings, instead of seeing Bing news stories or Cortana’s splash page.

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