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How to disable Internet Explorer on Windows 10


inI’m pretty sure so many people would think that, because Windows 10 comes with Microsoft Edge preinstalled, Internet Explorer will be easy to remove. If you are one of the people in that league, please note that you are wrong because Internet Explorer 11 comes preinstalled on Windows 10 and you can’t uninstall it.

But you can turn it off. This Control Panel hack works in previous versions of Windows, too. Below is how to get it done:

1. Go to the Start menu icon and click Control Panel to open the Control Panel.

2. If your Control Panel is in Category view, look at the upper right corner, there should be View by: followed by Category, Large icons, or Small icons, go to Programs > Programs and Features. If your Control Panel is in Large icons or Small icons view, go to Programs and Features.

3. On the left side of the Programs and Features window, you should see a link with a blue and yellow shield next to it that says Turn Windows features on or off. Click this link to open the Windows Features window.

4. In the Windows Features window, look for Internet Explorer 11 and uncheck the box next to it. A warning window will pop up telling you that turning off Internet Explorer 11 might affect other Windows features and programs, click Yes to continue. Click OK.

5. Once Windows turns off Internet Explorer 11, it will ask you to reboot your PC. You can choose to either Restart now or Don’t restart, it depends on how you want it.

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