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How to Create, Manage Custom Watch Faces on Apple Watch


Are you using an Apple Watch right now? Well, if you are, then you know that Apple doesn’t allow its users to install any third party app as of now. But that doesn’t mean you cannot customize the different default faces in the watch. In fact, using apple watch has become more interesting and fun as you can custom change the faces as per your desire.

How to Create, Manage Custom Watch Faces on Apple WatchApple now, allows you to set color schemes as well as control what information to be displayed on screen. You can now choose to select the hour indicators in the analog watch face.

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What’s the catch?

Even though being able to customize the watch is itself exciting. But the ability to set up numerous faces for quick access makes it even more exciting for the Apple watch users. For instance, if you are working at the office, you can easily use the Modular face of the watch to display the calendar center and front. Apart from this, another Modular face saved on the watch can give you weather updates while you are on your way home. But the biggest benefit, you can save these faces in different color modes so as to match up to your wardrobe.

How to go about it

There’s no doubt that the concept of customizing and saving the faces on Apple watch is easy, but it needs some practice till you master the skill.

You need to start by viewing the present watch face. Make sure to press the screen gently so as to bring out the Faces gallery. While pressing it, you will feel the watch tapping you and this is when the faces appear. It will bring up to 10 watch faces for you to choose from.

After the faces appear on the screen, you can Customize any face you want. Just one thing, even though it is conveniently located, but going back all the time to select a face is extremely time consuming. So, here’s a trick. All you need to do is just swipe to the left of the screen unless a card with a plus sign appears. Just tap on it and you are all set.

Now, select from the faces you want to use on your watch just by scrolling all through the list. You need to tap your way to select the ones you need.

After you are done with the selection, just force touch your Apple watch and select Customize. Next, tailor the selected face as per your need. After you are done with your selection, just tap on the Digital Crown.This will help your changes.

Next time you open the face picker of the watch, you will find this custom face right next to the New card that you had selected in order to create it. To get new faces, all you need to do is simply repeat these steps and you are done.

How to delete any watch face or custom face

Wondering what to do to remove the watch face thumbnails? Well, it is really easy. Just swipe on it and you get a delete button. Select it to remove the thumbnail previews. In fact, you can do it on any example face to clear it from the list. But there’s nothing to worry, it doesn’t delete the faces permanently from the watch. Just tap on New card to get it back.

This is real easy once you get your hands on it. The difficult part is choosing which face to use.

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