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How To Create A New Virtual Desktop Space In Mission Control For Mac OS X


Did you know that you can create as much desktop space as you can on your mac with the help of mission control? This feature is seen as a convenience boost since you can accommodate as many things as possible if you have enough desktop space. The main benefit of this feature is that each and every display will have its own set of spaces. Note that you can always switch from one space to another depending on your preference.

mac-os-xNow, you might be wondering how to go about the entire process. It is very easy. As long as you understand the basic operation of Mission control feature, then you have no problem at all. Mac OS X is among Apple Operating Systems that are considered very friendly when creating new desktop space in mission control.

So, which are the steps that you should follow when creating new desktop space?

#Step 1

The first thing that you should do is opening the mission control on your Mac. There are two ways in which you can open your mission control. First, you can opt to use the f3 key. This is usually the default button of opening the mission control in most Mac.

Alternatively, you can use the key that you have designated for such function. Some Mac users may decide to set their key of preference to be used in opening mission control. The third option of opening mission control is using the track pad. In most cases, swiping four fingers from the bottom part of the track pad to the top opens the mission control.

#Step 2

This is the point where you are supposed to now create the new desktop space. You are supposed to hover the cursor of your mouse over the top right hand side of your mission control and direct it to the faint ‘+’ sign. Upon clicking on the said ‘+’ sign, you will be in a position to create the desktop space that you want. The default naming of the said desktop is usually ‘desktop #’. You can decide to rename the desktop to your name of preference.

#Step 3

If you want to open your new desktop space, just click on the default name of the same. As soon as you do so, you will be directed to a whole new space on your desktop. If you intend to create another desktop space, just click on the ‘+’ sign again and follow the above steps.

Note: You are not limited to the number of desktops that you can create. You can have as many as you wish. Actually, the more desktop spaces you have, the more convenient your operations will be.

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