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How To Tether Your Android To PC For Internet Purposes


You may not be privileged to own a modem or even a broadband box. However, you may be in possession of an android device. If that is the case, then you have no reason not to enjoy Internet services. Did you know that it is very much possible to use the Internet from your android device on your PC? Well, now you know.

WiFi-PC-Sync-androidIf your headache was procuring a broadband box or a modem, you can still use your android for the same purpose.

In order to use the Internet connection from your android device to your computer, tethering must be done. It takes a number of steps to ensure that tethering is done in the best way. However, the steps are not as complicated as you may perceive.

Here are very clear steps on how you can tether your android device to your PC for Internet purposes:

#Step 1

Locate the settings menu in your android device. This is where you should be able to locate all the preference settings that exist in your android. Tap on the setting icon in order to get access to the application drawer.

#Step 2

Locate the ‘Tethering and Hotspot’ menu. This exists just beneath the ‘Wireless and Networks’ part of the settings. Upon opening this part, you will be presented with a long list of options with one of them being ‘Tethering and Portable Hotspot’. There are cases where a different stream may be followed but the bottom line is that Internet settings exist under ‘Wireless and Networks’ as long as your device is android.

#Step 3

Once you have located the mobile hotspot settings, you should then slide the respective button to ‘On’.  This will in return take you to the settings that are required in order to make your android device a hotspot. This is where you are supposed to make all activations that can render your device a legible hotspot.

#Step 4

Make the necessary adjustments with regard to the number of devices that you would like to connect to your mobile hotspot. At this juncture, you should aim at locking out any unknown device from using your hotspot. Also, you must ensure that passwords are set in order to secure your hotspot from being used by other people. In addition, you must not forget the password to your hotspot since it may be hard to retrieve it once lost.

#Step 5

Enable the tethering option in your android device now that you have already made all hotspot settings. Having done that, you will have activated the network to be used on your PC. However, you need to activate your Wi-Fi option in your PC in order for it to detect the available hotspot. Make sure that the hotspot is opted for in your PC and eventually connected to. You will have to use the password chosen in your hotspot in order to connect your PC to the source. Make sure that the password used on the android device is the same as that used in your PC.

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