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How to Configure Linksys Wireless Router


Running a simple local area network to share files and resources isn’t new as a computer installed and configured properly with network adapter is a network on it own but implementing the power of wave to create a wireless networking is superb as there will not be need for a cable running and joining that will make a local area network look hierarchy.

Linksys e1000 wireless router
Photo credit: Linksys.com

As a network engineer, i charge a minimum of $100 or it equivalent to setup and configure your wireless router to your network which shouldn’t  take me more than 15 minutes under normal circumstance as long as your computers and devices are equipped with wireless network adapter.

I do normally advice my clients to go for Linksys (Cisco) product when it comes to networking as their product are compatible with all major other vendor products making them the best.

The trick behind charging $100 for a 15 minutes job is already done on it own as the router itself comes with a manual with step by step procedures on how you can configure it but due to the fact that some of the terms used are unidentified and new to you, you employ the service of network engineer to do it for you.

Let’s get started.

Connect your router to a computer system using a twisted pair RJ-45 cable inserting one end at the back of your router into any of the LAN port and the other end cable entering and plugging into the RJ-45 port on your computer. Please take note of the LAN and WAN port, so you don’t plug it to the WAN port at the router but rather the LAN.

After powering up your router and computer, launch your browser on your computer, preferably internet explorer browser.

Enter the default IP address of the Linksys router which is into the browser URL address bar.

At the login configuration page type “admin” without the quote for both username and password.

linksys-routerThe default settings from the manufacturer is always o.k just for a mere modification to the ssid(network name) and the wireless encryption key (WEP) which secure your network.

Please note that the router login password should also be change from the default admin to a more secure one to prevent unauthorized access to the router information.

Save your settings and exit the page, your router is now configured and visible to any wireless access point or adapter around.

Other router default address, username and password below;


admin admin



admin blank



admin admin



admin password


Microsoft Broadband

admin admin



Always make use of a more secure word for your WEP key

Disclose only the WEP key to only those you want to grant access to your network

You can always employ a network administrator if you want a proper network management.

The information posted here is just for the basic setup of your router and not recommended for any organization make use of files on network for their day to day running of their business.

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