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How To Clear and Delete Your Viewing History On Netflix


netflixIf you have use the same Netflix account wit your roommate, friends or parent just because you are too lazy create your own account and you have noticed some strange titles here and there on your Recently Watched list. Or you have issues with person you are sharing the same account with but you guys are still using the same account password everything you’ve been sneakily watching has made its way to their Recently Watched list and now it’s clear that, yes, you were the one watching Dance Moms. You have no reason to be scared because this article will help you erase your streaming history and make it look like you never streamed anything.

First, scroll to the top of your homepage where you can find “Recently Watched” tag above the left most title. Now if you want to erase that embarrassing title you just streamed or you want it to look like you never logged in to account, simply click, “Recently Watched.”


Once you are on the Recently Watched, click the X on the right hand side close to the title you don’t want people to know you watched and voilà! Mean Girls 2 is gone and we can all get on with our lives. According to Netflix, any title you delete can take up to 24 hours to clear on all devices, but from my experience it disappears almost immediately.

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