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How to change OpenCart “Add to Cart” buttons text


Are you trying to figure out how you can change the text in the “Add to cart” button on OpenCart? The default text on the action button on products in OpenCart of course is “add to cart”, you may want to change this to something else like Buy Now, Shop Now, Order Now or perhaps any other text. This tutorial analyses the procedure step by steps below;

1. Log on the root directory of your store either via cpanel or using ftp like filezilla, in this case am using cpanel, the procedure is the same if ftp is your favorites.

opencart2. Expand and open the catalog folder

opencart33. Click and open the language folder

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4. Open the english folder, by default the english folder is the only language pack that comes pre-loaded with opencart installation


5. open the english.php file by right clicking and edit

opencart56. Locate the variable that hold the “add to cart” button which is $_[‘button_cart’], then change the text in front to any one that suites you.

6. Hit the Save button and exit.

7. Reload your site store, sometimes you might need to clear your browser cookies to see the effect.

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