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How to Activate Wi-Fi Assistant in iOS 9


Wi-fi is a small but one of the most appreciated part of iOS 9. Are you one of the people who do take my time to walk down their streets and listen to innings of the Cincinnati Reds on the MLB.com At Bat app because of the bad Wi-Fi signal in my hous? Do you wait hours before your iPhone drops the Wi-Fi connection?

With iOS 9 and Wi-Fi Assist, your iPhone can give up the Wi-Fi ghost earlier and you get to Marty’s call a half a block earlier. Instead of wasting your precious time because we all know time is money, Wi-Fi Assist will tell your iPhone to switch over to a cellular connection when it reduces your Wi-Fi connectivity to be poor. It’s a seamless and effective way to drop a weak-to-the-point-of-being-useless Wi-Fi signal.

To get Wi-Fi Assist activated, tap Settings > Cellular and scroll down to the bottom of the page where you’ll find Wi-Fi Assist. The setting should be enabled by default, but tap the toggle switch to turn it on if it’s not.


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