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How to choose the right memory card for your Android



Hi everyone i’m josh tech today i will show you how to choose the right microSD card to suit your android devices There are a lot of microSD cards to choose from, but not all of them will work with your Android phone or tablet. When you’re choosing between SDHC and SDXC, or a Class 10 and UHS-I Class 1, here are a few tips to help you make sure you’re choosing the best one for your device and your needs


You’ll most often come across two types of microSD cards — SDHC and SDXC. The difference between the two is the range in capacities they provide.

SDHC cards have a capacity of 2GB to 32GB. Alternatively, SDXC cards can range from 32GB to 2TB. To put this in perspective, one photo taken on a 16MP camera is about 7MB worth of data. If you purchase a 32GB card, you could store 4,500 or more photos on it. (This number would differ if you’re using a Galaxy S7, which can shoot in RAW format, creating photos with much larger file sizes.)

You might be tempted to choose the largest capacity, but you’ll need to check what your device supports. Here’s a list of mytechportal‘s picks for best Android devices with an microSD card slot, and their supported storage capacity:

  • Galaxy S and S7 Edge: 200GB
  • LG V10: 2TB
  • Moto G 2015: 32GB
  • Xperia Z5 Compact: 200GB
  • OneTouch Idol 3: 32GB

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