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How to Check for Grammar Errors and Easily Proofread Your Content with Grammarly


The biggest challenge that most writers face is rectifying their articles and ensuring that they submit error-free pieces. Most writers can admit that they have lost their clients simply because their submissions were found with grammar errors. The same case applies to students. Majority of them lose marks in their research submissions due to grammatical errors. To avoid suffering the same fate, you should consider getting the best grammar checker. Grammarly is certainly the best in this case.

Grammarly_reviewFor over 5 years now, Grammarly has been in operation and a lot of people have benefited from it. If you must know, the software is the most reliable in terms of proofreading and correcting grammar mistakes. The kind of results provided by the software is close to perfection. Grammarly is free.

Here are the prime benefits that you will enjoy once you consider Grammarly:

Easy To Use

If you have the perception that Grammarly is a hard-nut, then you are very wrong. It is actually the grammar software that is the easiest to use. All features that come with Grammarly are very friendly even to amateurs. It takes a matter of minutes to understand the basic operation of Grammarly.

Comprehensive Grammar Features

The list of grammar features included in Grammarly is simply inexhaustible. It is designed to scrutinize over 300 grammatical hitches. Anything you may think of is available in this software, as long as it falls under grammar. In this regard, Grammarly makes the best tool for correcting any error that may be in your article. Actually, you are assured of submitting clean work if you opt for Grammarly. The best part is that each and every mistake is scrutinized in a hierarchical order. In other words, scrutiny is not done haphazardly.

Plagiarism Tool

If you thought that this tool is only meant for checking grammar mistakes, you should be ready for even more. Grammarly also comes with a plagiarism tool. This means that, apart from offering grammar error-free article, original work is also an assurance. It is important to bear in mind that plagiarism is a totally unacceptable vice and must be avoided at all costs. If you wish to always post original articles to your blog, or provide your clients with the same, then Grammarly is the best tool to use.

Friendly Online Editor

In addition to running your article for grammar scrutiny, Grammarly also provides you with a chance to make the necessary corrections online. You do not need to transfer your content back to your offline editor in order to make corrections. The Grammarly online editor is very friendly for any user.

Microsoft Word Extension

Grammarly lately introduced its Microsoft Word extension. This works better for writers since you will not have to transfer content to your online account for scrutiny. All you need is to download the extension to your Microsoft Word. That way, you will be in a position to run your document for grammar mistakes without necessarily using your online platform. You will only require strong Internet to ensure that your extension runs flawlessly.

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