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Google Set To Separate YouTube And Google+


Google_Back then, anyone who wanted to post a comment a YouTube had to sign up for Google+ which is the normal Google policy and this has persuaded people to use Google+, it pisses people off and they considered it as a stressful move. But at last, the angry users has no worries anymore as Google is separating its properties from Google+ including YouTube.

Yesterday, Google reveals via a blog post that the company will use the next few months to separate users’ Google+ profiles from properties where it is not needed. The first platform to go through the separation process is YouTube. On the separate YouTube blog, the search engine giant announced that users will no longer go through stress to comment on YouTube videos.

Google reveals that in few weeks, it will also get rid of other restrictions. Once they are done with the changes, YouTube users will no longer have to possess a Google+ profile so that they can post comments, upload videos or form a channel. The search engine giant also reveals that Google+ users will be able to delete their accounts. However the company recommends not to do so right now, as it’ll also delete their YouTube channel.

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