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Google Set To Add “Purchases On Google” To Their Features


googleGoogle has come up with a new idea to make customers buy products easily on their mobile phones. Google will begin testing this feature, “Purchases on Google,” on mobile devices with a select group of merchants this week, the company said in a blog post.

Users will see a “buy” button along with some paid-for search results, and if they click on the button they will then be taken to a page where they can buy the advertised product. The “buy” feature will be on Google’s search results but the products will be sold by the retailers to their customers.

“Purchases on Google” is expected to increase Google’s competition with Amazon.com and eBay, and Google told retailers that the buy buttons will increase chances that shoppers will make purchases on their smaller mobile screens.

“This launch will also help us learn more about our customers buying behavior,” Staples executive vice president Faisal Masud said in the press release. “We know that for the retail industry as a whole, mobile conversion has not been growing as fast as mobile traffic, but now merchants will be able to leverage Google searches to buy instantly.”

The company will continue to ramp up the presence of these buy buttons throughout the year, while adding more participating retailers along the way, said Google spokeswoman Crystal Dahlen.

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